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…kindle their interest and support their creativity

Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement

Art and Craft activities not only bring joy to children but also enhance their eye-hand coordination and concentration. Activities such as connecting dots and line, cutting with scissors and making a collage demand dexterity, thereby indirectly preparing their hands for writing. The children are introduced to a variety of art media and craft ideas to kindle their interest. Their creativity is supported by introducing various activities like colouring, free hand drawing, guided drawing, painting and also replicating a piece of craft modelled to them by the teachers. Through music, the children are introduced to the ideas of rhythm and melody. The children engage with different languages and cultures by learning a variety of songs. They are offered opportunities to play musical instruments to accompany the songs they sing. The children are encouraged to move their bodies in response to music and action songs. They are also shown simple movement patterns for pieces of music.