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We must help the child act for himself, will for himself, think for himself....
- Maria Montessori

Montessori Overview

The Montessori method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educationist. Dr. Montessori developed what she called a Scientific Pedagogy. The Montessori method is based on a deep understanding of child development, and supports the physical and psychological characteristics, the needs and interests of the child, at various stages of her development. The Montessori method is a developmental approach, supported increasingly by ongoing research in neuroscience.

Every child is born with an innate urge to learn and to acquire the skills needed for her to become integrated in society. To be part of this human society, the child needs to not only become literate and numerate but also develop appropriate social behaviour. The young child is building the very foundation for her intelligence and her character.

Montessori offers personalized learning for each child based on her development. This facilitates the child in reaching her own unique potential because she learns at her own pace and rhythm, focusing on her own particular developmental needs at that moment. The child’s individual development is balanced with collaborative learning in a mixed-age community.

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