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Other Activities

Drama: Psychologists believe that young children naturally try out what adults do and they gain valuable learning through such imitation. In kindergarten, children are given opportunities to engage in role-play of common experiences.

Public speaking: The kindergarten provides opportunities for the children to develop their confidence to express themselves in front of a class audience. This is enabled through various activities such as show and tell and class assemblies.

Physical Development: Children begin each day in the kindergarten with a simple exercise routine. Their fine motor development is catered to by several activities such as stringing beads, stacking blocks and colouring within boundaries. Their gross motor development is supported through various fun outdoor activities that involve throwing and catching ball, climbing and jumping. Children engage in both structured play as well as free play in the outdoor area.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Children are introduced and also given opportunities to practice personal hygiene, in the specially designed restrooms. They learn how to organize themselves in the classroom for the various learning experiences. Through each day, both while engaging in play and also in the learning activities, the children get several opportunities to learn to express their needs positively and extend cooperation to others. This together with role-modelling by teachers, story-telling, media presentations and role-plays, help in the children’s social-emotional development.